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Lavender is one of the mainstays of aromatherapy. Lavender has great value as an aid to relaxation and sleep. Studies have shown that after the inhalation of lavender, the left and right brain waves come into balance. Learn More[/tippy]


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Orange is a cheerful oil which stimulates lymphatic drainage so is good for combating water retention and aiding detoxification. It also delivers a dose of vitamin C, which can be used to great effect on dull skins. Learn More[/tippy]

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This spicy essential oil has great value in aromatherapy and it fights exhaustion and a feeling of depression and weakness. It has powerful anti-rheumatic properties, is useful in the digestive system, while fighting colds and flu as well. Learn More[/tippy]

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Aromatherapists use spearmint to energize the mind and body. When your mind is tired and in need of stimulating and upliftment, then spearmint oil is the one for you, and although it has very many properties in common to that of peppermint oil, it contains only small amounts of menthol and is far less harsh on the skin and ideal for use in children. Learn More[/tippy]

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Bergamot oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the nearly ripe fruit. The aroma of bergamot oil is fresh, lively, fruity and sweet. It is an excellent deodorizer. Learn More[/tippy]

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Peppermint oil is a mental stimulator and also a refrigerant, which means it can cool you down. Peppermint can also reduce feelings of nausea even in quite extreme cases. When blended with lavender and applied to the temples, peppermint oil can also alleviate headache and migraine. Learn More[/tippy]

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The crisp, distinctive fragrance of lemon oil, is good in keeping people focused and alert. Lemon helps heal and prevent a wide variety of conditions, particularly effective at killing bacteria and cleaning wounds. Learn More[/tippy]

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Lime oil is useful to cool fevers associated with colds, sore throats and flu and aids the immune system while easing coughs, bronchitis and sinusitis, as well as helping asthma. Lime oil can stimulate and refresh a tired mind and helps with depression. Learn More[/tippy]

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Rosewood is thought to have an extensive history among the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest where it grows. The wood itself is highly prized for its beauty and was traditionally used by French furniture makers. Rosewood is yielded by Dalbergia latifolia known as East Indian Rosewood or sonokeling. It is native to India and also grown in plantations elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

As indication of its wide appeal and value as an essential oil, Rosewood oil has been noted as a prominent ingredient of the well-loved perfume Chanel No. 5. Learn More[/tippy]

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The scent of ylang-ylang is often associated with romance, and is used by some as an aphrodisiac and mood enhancement qualities. Learn More[/tippy]

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